Broken Like Shattered Glass

April 28th, 2012 by Shaun Hamman
Broken Chain

Suddenly, a post!

Hello all. Between not much to talk about and working on other things, I’ve mostly stopped blogging as I’m sure you’ve noticed. But I still have this blog set as my homepage and I noticed that it was down yesterday. It turns out that CWahi had their servers hacked which resulted in many user accounts having their sites wiped out. Luckily the background databases remained intact (meaning posts, comments, the footer quotes, things like that were still there), but it meant that the WordPress installation along with all the content had to be re-uploaded.

As I no longer had copies of most of said content, I spent most of yesterday trying to replace it. I’ve done a pretty good job I think, all the videos have been replaced with embedded YouTube players, as I don’t really see the point in hosting the videos myself now that I can post videos of arbitrary length on YouTube, and all the images have been replaced as well.

If you find any broken links or missing content, be sure to let me know so I can get that fixed right up.

Update 5-1-2012: I managed to find copies of the Torchlight screenshots and the Nostalgia poster. All content should now be restored!

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A Poster Is Worth How Many Words?

May 12th, 2011 by Shaun Hamman

Just a quick update today. I’m still alive, I just haven’t had much to talk about recently. That, and the incredible amount of spam comments that have been piling up back here have somewhat demotivated me to write a new post. Luckily, I think I’ve got that sorted out so it shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Anyway, you may notice a new section at the top of the blog. A few posts back I featured a Nostalgia poster that I had made myself. As I have now made a second poster, I decided to show these off next to my writings. Enjoy.

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Return to Torchlight

September 12th, 2010 by Shaun Hamman
Torchlight II Logo

Back for more!

HOW DID I MISS THIS?! I need to start paying more attention to the latest news on my favorite games. At least as early as August 13th, Runic Games has announced the sequel to the greatest dungeon crawler of all time. Everything you loved about the first one comes back for a second round and not only that, you can bring your friends along for the ride.

That’s right, Torchlight 2 includes multiplayer! Check out the HD trailer below and then head over to the website at

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Out With The Old…

June 27th, 2010 by Shaun Hamman

The old WordPress that is. WordPress 3.0 has gone live and this blog has been updated to it. If you notice any broken links, videos, or other things out of place around here let me know so I can get them fixed right up.

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Now You’re Thinking With Portals

May 12th, 2010 by Shaun Hamman
Companion Cube

You did it! The weighted companion cube certainly brought you good luck.

From now until May 24th, Valve has decided to give away copies of its award-winning game Portal for the low low price of $0.00.

Wait… WHAT?!?!

That’s right friends, for the next week and a half Valve is giving away full copies of this outstanding puzzle game absolutely FREE! Why are you still reading this? Go pick up your copy at right now!

And if you’ve been held hostage by aliens on the other side of the universe for the last 3 years (because that is the only way you could have managed to not hear about this game), here is an old, but very good, trailer that explains that sudden urge you have to download this game right now.

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